Upendra Nath Brahma Trust (UNBT) and its Vision

The Upendra Nath Brahma Trust (UNBT) was established on July 1999, under the initiative of All Bodo Students’ Union (ABSU), with its Head quarter at Dotma. The Upendra Nath Brahma Trust (UNBT) destines to fulfill the project left by Upendra Nath Brahma for re-creating the Bodo Nationality in the new civilization. The UNBT has been working to uphold and extend the thought, work, ideology and vision of Upendra Nath Brahma. It set an objective to work for the unprivileged and down trodden people of Bodo race and gradually it will extent the space of its activity. The Trust has been working for promoting the language, culture, education and economy of the Bodo people. The Trust also aims at the spreading of Brahma’s message to every corner of the world. 

Upendra Nath Brahma Soldier of Humanity Award

 Upendra Nath Brahma Soldier of Humanity is the Name of the award, which is conferred in honour of the outstanding work and contribution towards to uplift of mankind, specially, for the downtrodden people of the world. The Upendra Nath Brahma Trust will give this particular award every year to some distinguish personalities, who gave great contribution in some particular field, like – socio-economic, politics, literature, culture, education, etc. for the elevation of oppressed and deprived people. The achiever of this honour is determined by individual quantum of work and contribution, which has brought some significant changes in a society or societies, in his /her life time. The award carries the thought and message of ‘Bodofa’ Upendra Nath Brahma to the people of the world, who have been struggling for their survival in the new civilisation. The aim of giving this award is to establish Upendra Nath Brahma among the world community and to recognise his great leadership.

Soldier of Humanity Award and its Significance

A soldier sacrifices his life not for personal gain but because of his profound love for the motherland. He or she never bothers for name and fame. His duty for motherland is above all. The term soldier would also be implied to the heroes, who fight for the cause of mankind gun. Upendra Nath Brahma was also a soldier fighting for human right, liberty, equality and fraternity of every man of this earth. Hence, the award, which is given in his memory to great personalities, is named as ‘Soldier of Humanity’. ‘Upendra Nath Brahma Soldier of Humanity’ is an honour for contributing to uphold the human value on the earth.

Terms and Conditions of Soldier of Humanity Award

The following points are the terms and conditions of Soldier of Humanity Award to confer the Awardees or recipients:

1. To serve this noble purpose of giving awards and to spread the work and conditions of Bodofa throughout the world, the UNBT has resolved to accept nominations for the award from anywhere of the world.

2. There would be neither geographical boundary nor racial, religious and political bar to receive this award. Its jurisdiction covers whole earth and the recipient would be a man of this planet.

3. Nominations for this award would come from diverse fields and works. Those who have outstanding contribution and achievement in – (a) working for underdevelopment societies; (b) working for peace, prosperity and political right of the exploited classes; (c) cultural field, literature, music and art, etc. Any prominent person, society or organisation can nominate a person for the award.

4. While judging for the nomination to be awarded, along with the great individual achievement in any field, emphasis would be given to what extend has he contributed towards upward mobility of social status, economy, culture, literature, etc. of a community or nationality.

5. A jury or panel of expert would be constituted, with the members having specialized knowledge in the different field of like culture, literature, politics, social service, education, etc., to finalise the recipient of award among the nominees. The panel would be reconstituted every year.

6. Besides individuals, organisation or NGO may be awarded for their remarkable work in the society.

7. Upendra Nath Brahma Soldier of Humanity Award consists of Rs. 100,000/- (at present), a memento and a citation.

Recipients of Upendra Nath Brahma Soldier of Humanity Award

The Upendra Nath Brahma Trust was established in 1999, but the Soldier of Humanity Award was conferred first time from the year of 2004. The following list is the some great personalities who have recipient of the UPENDRA NATH BRAHMA SLODIER OF HUMANITY AWARD conferred by the Upendra Nath Brahma Trust (UNBT) in memory of ‘Bodofa Upendra Nath Brahma’:

Sl. No. Confer Year Name of Recipient Personality

1. 1st Recipient 2004 Mr. Jagen Basumatary, Tamra Patra Awardee, Freedom Fighter and noted Social

Activist of Assam.

2. 2nd Recipient 2005 Dr. Pramad Chandra Bhattacharyya, noted Litterateur, Assam.

3. 3rd Recipient 2006 Natwar Bhai Thakkar, Padmashree, noted Gandhian, Nagaland.

4. 4th Recipient 2007 Smt. Hema Bharali, Padmashree, noted Gandhian, Assam.

5. 5th Recipient 2008 Smt. Patricia Mukhim, Padmashree, noted journalist, Meghalaya.

6. 6th Recipient 2009 Smt. Mahasveta Devi, Padmavibhusan, noted Humanist and Litterateur, West Bengal.

7. 7th Recipient 2010 Dr. Indira Goswami, Jananpith Awardee, noted Litterateur, Assam.

8. 8th Recipient 2011 Mr. Niketu Iralu, Peace and Non-violence Activist, Nagaland.

9. 9th Recipient 2012 Prof. Shantha Sinha, Ramon Magsaysay Awardee, Child Rights Activist, Hyderabad Central University.

10. 10th Recipient 2013 Boobli George Verghese, Ramon Magsaysay Awardee, Journalist (born in Maymyo, Burma)

11. 11th Recipient 2014 Prof. Janak Jhankar Narzary, Sculptor and Art Historian, Visva- Bharati, West Bengal (born in Assam)

12. 12th Recipient 2015 Dr. Birubala Rabha, Social Activist, Assam.

13. 13th Recipient 2016 Ms. Aruna Roy, Social Activist, Rajasthan.

14. 14th Recipient 2017 Prof. Ganesh N Devy, Maharaja Sayajirao University of Boroda

15. 15th Recipient 2018 Sri Jadav Payeng, Padmashree, Forest Man of India, Assam.

16. 16th Recipient 201 9 Sri Brajendra Kumar Brahma, Renowned litterateur, Tagore literary and Sahitya Akademy awardee (born Chalani Batatbari, Dotma).