U.N. Academy: Profile

Full Name: Upendra National Academy, a nonprofit making institution

Acronym: U.N. Academy

Address: H.O. – J.D. Road, P.O. – Titaguri,  Dist- Kokrajhar, BTR, Assam. Pin- 783370.

Founder: Upendra Nath Brahma Trust, H.O. & P.O.- Dotma, Dist. -Kokrajhar.

Established:  School – 2002, 1st January (Nursery to X)

Higher Secondary – 2010 (XI-XII) (Science and Arts)

College/U.G.           – 2014 (B.A./B.Sc.)

P.G. (M.A.)               – 2018 (in Bodo )

Type: Co-educational institute, Self management, Semi residential

Management Committee: Board of U.N. Academy, a nonprofit making organization Formed in 10 September, 2001

Motto:  सोलों – रोंगोन – देरहासारगोन (Learn – will acquire- will Victory)

Vision: Designed to provide a platform for individuals to learn through shared experience and be empowered to make a positive difference with positive outlook.

Aims and objective (H.S. to P.G.)

  1. Generating the students of mother tongue education up to a level of global educational standard and connecting them with the world.
  2. Produce alumni each year who, through their own action and personal example, can become leaders in their communities and demonstrate their commitment by making a positive difference in the world.
  3. To contribute vibrant generations in the society as well as in the world.
  4. Become recognized for its distinctive model of educational institution which can play role of change through education.


          The mother tongue education movement as a whole, is what make our educational model unique and truly inspiring. The institution as a vangaurd of these values forms the foundation of our passionate approach delivering young people with a challenging and transformational learning experience. The Academy encourages all members of our community to hold true to these values.

Dedication:  to Bodofa Upendra Nath Brahma, his vision and mission.

Working Zeal: With missionary concept and style.

Plan and Future plan of U.N. Academy

            Initially U.N. Academy was meant only for the students of school level  i.e. from Nursery  up to Class X or passing of out the matriculation examination with high quality. But later on, Higher Secondary i.e. XI & XII and the U.G. Courses were upgraded. 

            School level and H.S. XI-XII were established in 2002 and 2010 respectively. The college of U.N. Academy was come into existence only in 2014. The college shall try to endeavor to promote the principles for which Upendra Nath Brahma, the father of Bodos worked during his life-time, his spirit and ideology towards nationalism, national integration, development of down-trodden communities like Bodo with ‘live and let live’ and ‘democratic way of life.’

            Thus the institution shall also try to (i) develop the culture of  self respect and  self realization among the society since students’ life, (ii)  build understanding and scientific approach to all the problems of society, (iii) take special measures  for unprivileged students providing free education,  (iv)  promote in the students and teachers an awareness of the social needs of the society, (v) establish such departments or school of studies in future as may be necessary for the study of languages, literature, culture,  Art, traditional dance and music and finally, (iv) establish and promote sports specially playing of football up to the national level.

            The Upendra Nath Brahma Trust and the Board of U.N. Academy shall try to develop its series of educational activities up to level of a University. This activity is started with the introduction of P.G. Course in MA in Bodo in 2018.  The B.U. accorded the permission to run this P.G. Course. The Board has decided to increase more departments later on.

            Board of U.N. Academy is also introducing some sorts of socio-economic activities specially linking with agro-farm. Thus trying to run the institution with self reliance as well as self dependence.