Brahma National Webinar on “A Basic Importance in Real Analysis”, under the department of Mathematics schedule to be held on 12th September 2020,  at 12:00 Noon onward.

Key Note Speaker:

Dr. Gwjwn Bodosa, M.Sc., Ph.D, A.E.S.,

HoD, Department of Mathematics, Haflong Govt. College 

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“International Relations and the Issue of Human Rights in post-pandemic period”

Organized by Department of Political Science

Abstract of the talk

The world has experienced various deadly epidemics before the outbreak of the Covid-19. But what is so unique about the Covid-19 is that it is the first pandemic with high rate of transmissibility. It has impacted most of the countries where humanity as whole seems to be under the existential threat. Covid-19 has stimulated a process wherein the policy makers across the globe are working in tandem to combat the crisis and are attempting to formulate alternative international relations policies that can perform in a futuristic post-Covid world. Covid-19 has threatened global food, health and human security. Failure of the governments in addressing the plight of the migrant workers, besides, social distancing and isolation as only hopes for the time has brought out some worrying indications of human rights violations and violations against women. Human rights violations and violations against women have already spiked. The outbreak of Covid-19 as a global emergency has resulted in socio-economic crises testing the global structures of co-operation. The governments have imposed lockdowns and border controls seem to loom at large. The geopolitical rivalry between the great powers is likely to worsen the situation and hit the economic interdependence. The lectures will focus on the above mention issues and go into details in the Indian experience.

SOCIOLOGY OF BODO LITERATURE organized by Department of Bodo in Collaboration with Dept. of Bodo Bodoland University (BU)


                 The sociology of literature is a subfield of the sociology of culture. It studies the correlation between literature and sociology i.e. the social production of literature and its social implications. ‘Literature’ is regarded as the expression of society. On the other hand – ‘sociology’ is regarded as the scientific study of society or the ‘science of society’. As there is a reciprocal relationship between a literary phenomena and social structure, sociological study of literature has been paving way in understanding the socio-economic condition and situations of the human being in general. ‘Literature’ is the mirror of society. Thus it also proves the particular society of human kind herein the Bodo literature. The organizer observes the lack of critics and criticism in Bodo literature with sociological point of views. Though some focuses on human characters, social picture, reflection of society in Bodo Literature like novels, short stories, dramas and Poetry have been found, the systematic study with the theoretical approach and its uses in terms of sociology of literature in Bodo has found to be constrained. The Seminar expects the discussion on the theoretical premises of the sociology of literature such as the theoretical approaches and methods and the areas and determinants of literature mainly with special reference to the Bodo literature. The discussion may include the historical development of the sociology of literature and its nature and scope in Bodo literature. The seminar will be opened for all in Bodo and English languages.