Department of Physics

The department of Physics  U.N. Academy, Kokrajhar  was established in 2016 with the objectives of providing an impeccable education to the student aspirants who want to opt Physics as honour subject in graduation course and build their career with or in Physics in the future. Also the department fulfil the aspirations of the students of the area and is affable in dealing  the problems of the students in any situation. The department is always  ready to impart Physics education with extreme ecstasy or joy maintaining  discipline bound inside  the  classroom as well as the college premises all the time. The department is flexible, dynamic , personable  and rich in academic potentiality with young, dynamic and enthusiastic faculty members with years of teaching experiences and good academic careers.

Faculty Members

Mr. Patif Borgoyary (In-Charge/HOD) 

Qualification: M.Sc. (GU), B.Ed(GU) 


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Paper Teaching : 

CC1: Mathematical Physics

(semester I) GE1: Mechanics(semester I) 

CC3: Electricity and Magnetism(semester II) 

CC7: Digital Systems and Applications(semester III)

SEC 1: Physics Workshop Skills(semester III) 

GE3: Thermal Physics and Statistical Mechanics(semester III) 

SEC2: Computational Physics(semester IV) 

CC12: Solid State Physics(semester V) 

DSE3: Classical Dynamics(semester VI) 

Mr.Riu Riu Wary Qualification : M.Sc (NIT, Silchar), Ph.D( Pursuing) 

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Paper Teaching : 

CC2: Mechanics(semester I) 

GE2: Electricity , Magnetism and EMT.(semester II) 

CC6: Thermal Physics(semester III)

CC9: Elements of Modern Physics(semester IV) 

C10: Analog Systems and Applications(semester IV) 

CC11: Quantum Mechanics and Applications(semester V) 

DSE2: Nuclear and Particle Physics(semester V)

CC13: Electromagnetic Theory(semester VI) 

Miss Bithorai Brahma

Qualification : M.Sc (BU)

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Paper Teaching : CC4: Waves and Optics (semester II)

E4: Waves and Optics(semester IV) 

CC5: Mathematical Physics II(semester III) 

CC8: Mathematical Physics III(semester IV) 

DSE1: Advanced Mathematical Physics 1 (semester V)

C14: Statistical Mechanics(semester VI)