Department of English

The Department of English was set up in the year 2016. The Department offers three years Undergraduate program i.e. Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature affiliated under Bodoland University. The Department strives to enhance the interpretive and expressive skills of the students. It provides an intellectual environment which stimulates and nurtures the students. It aims to equip the students with both a rigorous knowledge of the subject as well as a critical and analytical ability. It aims to challenge and engage the students with diverse contemporary issues as identity, ethnicity, race, gender and several other social taboos related to literature and contemporary society. A strong motive of the Department lies in the interdisciplinary approach of the literature and culture of the region. The Undergraduate course seeks to explore a wide variety of literature including World Literatures, Popular Literature, Indian Classical Literature, European Classical Literature, Literatures in Translation as well as the concepts of the English Language.

The classes provides an academic atmosphere where students are encouraged to share their own perceptions that fosters the habit of self-expression. The Department is privileged to have four faculty members, with years of experience in teaching.

Mrs. Rosy Brahma (In-charge/HOD)

Qualification : MA (GU), UGC NET.

Course Papers :

1. CC- 4 : British Poetry and Drama : 14th to 17th Century (Semester II) 

2. CC-5 : American Literature(Semester III) 

3. CC-7 : British Poetry and Drama : 17th and 18th Centuries (Semester III)

4. CC-8 : British Literature : 18th Century (Semester IV) 5. CC-11: Women’s Writing (Semester V) 6. DSE-1: Literary Theory (Semester V) 7. CC-14: Postcolonial Literature (Semester VI) 8. DSE-4 : Modern Indian Writing in English Translation (Semester VI) 

Dr. Francis Muchahary

Qualification : MA (AUS), PhD. (AUS), UGC NET

Course Papers :

1. AECC-1 : English Communication (Semester I) 

2. AECC-2 : Environmental Science (Semester II) 

3. SEC-1 : English Language Teaching (Semester III) 

4. SEC-2 : Translation Studies (Semester IV)


Nijira Basumatary

Qualification : MA (NEHU), B. Ed. (GU)

Course Papers :

1. CC-2 : European Classical Literature (Semester I) 

2. CC-3 : Indian Writing in English (Semester II) 

3. CC-6 : Popular Literature (Semester III) 

4. CC-9 : British Romantic Poetry (Semester IV)

5. CC-12 : British Literature : The Early 20th Century (Semester V) 

6. DSE-2 : Literary Criticism (Semester V) 

7. CC-14 : Postcolonial Literature (Semester VI) 

8. DSE-3 : World Literatures (Semester VI)

Nirontor Borgoyary

Qualification : MA (GU)

Course Papers :

1. CC-1 : Indian Classical Literature (Semester I) 

2. CC-2 : European Classical Literature (Semester I) 

3. CC-4 : British Poetry and Drama : 14th to 17th Century (Semester II) 

4. CC-5 : American Literature (Semester III) 

5. CC-10 : British Literature : 19th Century (Semester IV) 

6. CC-12: British Literature : The Early 20th Century (Semester V) 

7. DSE-1 : Literary Theory (Semester V) 

8. CC-13 : Modern European Drama (Semester VI)