Department of Economics

The Department of Economics was established in 2016. The programme offered by the Department of Economics are designed to – (1) provide a general understanding of the functioning of the economic system and the role of institution, group and region within that system and (2) prepare the students for employment in industry, the professions and Government or to pursue graduate work towards such advanced degrees as the M.A., M.B.A., Ph.D. in economics.
Economics aims at the development of critical thinking skills and accumulation of factual knowledge. Economics course offers great opportunities after the completion of Bachelor Degree by keeping main focus on money, finance, growth and development of country. A degree in Economics will also give you insight about the financial situation of the country and its institution of the country. So, when you have graduated you will have the skills that will help you attract good jobs as well as make you self reliant.

Miss Fungjani Narzary (In-Charge/H.O.D)
Qualification : M.A. (G.U.), M.ED. (B.U.)
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Paper Teaching :
CC1: Introductory Microeconomics (semester I) 
CC3: Intermediate Microeconomics-I (semester II)
CC5: Intermediate Macroeconomics-I (semester III)
SEC-2: Extension Education (semester IV) 
CC9: Intermediate Macroeconomics-II (semester IV)
DSE1: Public Finance (semester V) 
DSE4: Environmental Economics (semester VI)
Mr. Gwmwthao Narzary
Qualification : M.A. (B.U.), SLET, UGC NET
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Paper Teaching :
CC4: Mathematical methods in Economics- I (semester II) 
CC7: Statistical methods for Economics (semester III)
SEC-1: Data Analysis (semester III) 
CC-10: Introductory Econometrics (semester IV) 
CC-11: Indian Economy – I (semester V) 
DSE-2: Money and Financial markets (semester V)
DSE-3: International Economics (semester VI) 
CC-13: Indian Economy – II (semester VI)
Miss Pranita Basumatary
Qualification : M.A. (G.U.)
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Paper Teaching :
CC-2: Introductory Macroeconomics (semester I) 
CC-6: Mathematical methods in Economics – II (semester III) 
CC-8: Intermediate Microeconomics – II (semester IV)
SEC-2 Extension Education (semester-IV)  
CC-12: Development Economics-I (semester V) 
CC-13: Indian Economy-II (semester VI) 
CC-14: Development Economics-II (semester VI)