Department of Botany

The department of Botany was established in the year 2014 and offered B.Sc. degree in general course. The major in botany was first started in the year 2016 as a Degree course and then continued as 6 semester in the Three year degree course. It was started with just 6 students and a couple of faculty, including the Head of the department. There are well equipped laboratory and botanical garden in college background. Botany is about study of plants and their relationships with other plants and plant science; Mycology, Ecology, Plant taxonomy, plant physiology, Plant Biotechnology, Molecular biology, Industrial microbiology, Bioinformatics. The department also organises field trips, study tours and botanical excursions that will help in bringing about integrated development of students. The aim is to give very good learning experience and lab technical skill. The vision is to encourage and enable students to develop inquiring minds and curiosity about botany and the natural world. At present our faculty strengthen is three members and 35 students enrolled in undergraduate programme.


Miss Mijingti Brahma (Incharge/HoD)

Qualification : M.Sc. (BU)

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Paper Teaching :

CC13: Plant metabolism-(Semester-VI)

CC3: Mycology and phytopathology- (Semester-II) 

CC4: Archegoniate-(Semester-II) 

SEC2: Mushroom Culture and Technology-(Semester-IV) GE-4: Plant physiology and Metabolism-(Semester-IV)


Miss Dengkwshri Brahma

Qualification : M.Sc. (USTM), B.Ed( Pursuing)

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Paper Teaching:

DSE-3: Natural Resource Management (SEMESTER-VI)

DSE-4: Environmental and Industrial Microbiology(SEMESTER-VI)

CC-8:Molecular biology(SEMESTER-VI) 

CC-9: Plant Ecology and Phytogeography(SEMESTER-VI)

GE-2: Plant Ecology and Taxonomy(SEMESTER-II)


Miss Pronali Borgoyary

Qualification : M.Sc 

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Paper Teaching :

CC-10: Plant Systematics (SEMESTER-IV) 

CC-14: Plant Biotechnology (SEMESTER-VI)